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Doing Good Through Food

Doing Good Through Food

Hosted by: Alex Coffin

A show exploring all the ways food and the businesses that serve it can be a force for good in the world. Hosted by Alex Coffin, the show looks at health, sustainability and community through the lens of food and the...

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Data driven insights and solutions to food waste - with Katy Franklin of ReFED

Episode #40

Katy Franklin is the Operations Director of ReFED - the only U.S. non-profit wholly dedicated to food waste reduction. It is a think tank that works with decision-makers across the food system to reduce food...
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How to stop food being wasted in offices - with Alyson Parkes and Chiara Gianusso of The Food Waste Project

Episode #39

This episode my guests are Alyson Parkes and Chiara Gianusso.Together, they co-founded The Food Waste Project – a consultancy service dedicated to preventing and reducing food waste from workplace catering...
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Getting food to vulnerable children while schools are closed - with Naomi Duncan of Chefs in Schools

Episode #38

Naomi is Chief Executive of Chefs in Schools - a charity working to improve the health of children through better school food & education.They realised that the closure of schools would have a disproportionate...
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Food, drink, hospitality and marketing during the shutdown - with Mark MCC of Supersonic Inc

Episode #37

Mark MCC is one of the leading Food, Drink and Hospitality brand and marketing minds in world. He  has a huge amount of experience as a marketer within major companies, as the founder of the leading agency WE ARE...
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Plant remedies backed by science - with HILMA founders Hilary Quartner, Nina Mullen and Lily Galef

Episode #36

This episode my guests are Hilary Quartner, Nina Mullen and Lily Galef. Together, they co-founded Hilma – a company producing natural remedies backed by science. They wanted to know why though most products in their...
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Cleaning with food waste! - with Amanda Weeks of Ambrosia

 Amanda is CEO and co-founder of Ambrosia, a New York-based company that combines waste management with closed-loop manufacturing. They noted that the largest component of food waste is water and that inside the 1.3...
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Food Waste vs Food Packaging... how to reduce the environmental impact of our food choices - with Dr Lilly Da Gama ("The Food Waste Doctor")

This episode is a conversation with Dr Lilly Da Gama – AKA The Food Waste Doctor.Lilly is a Food Waste Consultant for the United Nations and an Associate Practitioner with the Institute of Environmental Management and...
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Reducing food waste and improving safety through inclusive design - with Solveiga Pakštaite of Mimica Labs

Solveiga is Founder & Director of Mimica whose company mission is to radically reduce unnecessary waste, starting with the food industry. Their first product, Mimica Touch, is a patented label that tells you...
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How to look and feel your best if you have very little spare time - with Serena Sabala of Whole Shift Wellness

Serena is a Wellness Coach, Certified Yoga Teacher and Plant Based Nutrition Consultant who has studied nutrition for over ten years. She is the co-Founder of Whole Shift Wellness, which specializes in bespoke...
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Ending hunger worldwide by 2030 - with Paul Newnham

Paul is Director of the Sustainable Development Goal 2 Advocacy Hub. He worked for many years with World Vision and the UN’s World Food Programme.The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs / Global Goals) are a universal...
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Stylish Sustainable Living - with Georgina Wilson-Powell

Georgina is the founder of Pebble Magazine and Pebble Guides. Pebble magazine is all about stylish sustainable living and covers food, fashion, travel and design. Georgina has been an editor for 16 years and has...
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Change Please! How your morning coffee could change lives - with Cemal Ezel

Cemal is the founder of Change Please - a social enterprise partnership between Old Spike Roastery and The Big Issue that trains people who are homeless to be baristas. They pay each individual they employ the London...
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